Here’s what a few of Verisys Registrars Clients Say About Our ISO Auditing.

The Verisys auditor quickly conveyed to me the essence of what an ISO audit should be:
it was a feeling of partnership
 – Quality Manager, Alexandria Pro-Fab 

We recently completed a successful initial ISO 9001 audit with Verisys Registrars.
The auditor was very knowledgeable on ISO, had a manufacturing background and truly wanted to work with us on improving our processes
 Verisys Registrars

– President, Metko, Inc

Thank you for the outstanding audit! It is obvious to us now that Verisys Registrars concept of “Helpful Auditing” is far more than just nice sounding words; it is real, powerful and invigorating. The pragmatic approach and focus toward applying ISO 9001 will reduce our internal costs, improve our processes and better serve both external and internal customers by taking a strategic approach as opposed to just complying with ISO Standard requirements. A most refreshing experience!
Verisys Registrars

– Operations Manager, Bachhuber Manufacturing Corp

It’s amazing to me, having used another registrar in the past, how instead of nit-picking for meaningless minute details, Verisys takes both a detailed view and the long-view to provide a fair and balanced audit.  We use the audit feedback as value-added engineering for our processes.  In the past all we’d get is a lengthy list of typos and things like ‘this page has a blank spot in it’ and other valueless critiques. We really appreciate working with Verisys!
Verisys Registrar

– Operations Manager, Abrading Methods, Inc

Prior to switching to Verisys Registrars I worked with other registrars for many years. Verisys Registrars is head and shoulders above the other registrars that I worked with in the past. Our auditor is professional, knowledgeable, polite and above all, helpful. We enjoy our audits and get value out of them.  That says a lot!
– Total Quality Manager, Rexnord Industries Specialty Components


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