What is VeriView® Interactive Auditing?

What is VeriView® Interactive Auditing?

  • VeriView® Interactive Auditing is an accredited Management System Audit using certified auditors, defined auditing methods and technology to obtain audit evidence. The audit covers all the same requirements as a traditional ISO audit.
  • Secure, collaborative software and cameras are used to meet in real time to interview process owners, conduct factory tours, review records, verify documentation and audit manufacturing processes.
  • Opening and closing auditor meetings are conducted in an on-line collaborative room.
  • Only Verisys, of all the ISO registrars, makes use of this modern tool.
  • Still unsure about VeriView® audits?  We’ll gladly perform traditional on-site audits.

Save Money

  • VeriView® Audits eliminate the cost of auditor travel. No travel requirements.  No travel costs.
  • You pay only for the audit. Verisys charges no extra fees for VeriView®.

Easy to Use

  • No complicated training or IT intervention needed – a simple, user-friendly web conferencing system is used.
  • Verisys will perform a simple pre-check exercise to ease any uncertainty with the process.


  • Verisys implemented this auditing tool in 2013 and perfected the use of it for ISO auditing.
  • All Verisys Auditors are trained in the VeriView® audit process and are Exemplar or IRCA certified auditors.
  • Verisys Registrars® teamed with the premier authority on virtual auditing, Shauna Wilson, President of Amazon Consulting, Inc. Together we developed and perfected our exclusive VeriView® Interactive Auditing process.

“We were very pleased to realize that your virtual process really keeps the focus on the audit, and in my estimation is a very efficient way to look at a lot more information and detail. You were able to cut to the chase, identify weaknesses and strengths in a very efficient professional manner, as well as help myself and the team gain a better understanding of the intent of the standard…so I just wanted to say thank you!”
VP of Manufacturing – Hydromat, Inc.; St. Louis, MO

 “The efficiency [VeriView®] audits provide in both expense and time allow for our nationwide company to effectively maintain ISO standards with minimal disruption to our daily work flow.”
President – Premier Corporate Security, Inc.; Ida, MI

“The [VeriView®] ISO audits are sooooo much more beneficial and user friendly!!!  We appreciate working with your company and the value this brings to our organization!”
Vice President of Operations – Clear Winds Technologies; Vestavia Hills, AL

“We would like to thank Verisys and your auditor for all of the support and the amazing [VeriView®] e-auditing capability that really helped this become a reality for us”.
Director, Quality Assurance – American Expediting Co.; Folcroft, PA

“This is a great option, I would highly recommend it to any organization.  The cost savings in auditor expenses is a big plus.”
Director of Quality Assurance – Graphite Sales, Inc.; Chargin Hills, OH; Lake Havasu, AZ

“I was very impressed with the way the [VeriView®] audit went.  The Verisys auditor was obviously very experienced at what they were doing and was able to get deep into our system in a short space of time. The findings were really constructive and will enable us to improve the management system.”
President – Severe Service Valve Inc.; Houston, TX

“We have found it [VeriView®] to be an efficient and effective way to handle these audits. We believe that we are still getting the same good look at our processes, and the same helpful improvement feedback that we expect from a Verisys audit.”
Management Analyst – Campbell Company; Boise, ID

No other ISO registrar has developed this expertise. 

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