Save Money

8 Ways Verisys Registrars Saves you Money

1. Our Auditors provide insights for cost saving improvements.

2. No costly, multi-day re-certification audits. 

3. Pay only for the audit and auditor expenses.  No fees for file management, accreditation or certificate issuance.

4. Required audit days based on number and complexity of processes.  Other ISO registrars base required audit days on headcount.  One additional employee can add an audit day.

5. Audit findings requiring corrective action are verified at the next scheduled audit. Others charge for additional revisit days to close out audit non-conformances.

6. Verisys uses statistically based sampling to calculate total audit days required for multi-facility enterprises.  Others use per-cent based audit schedules resulting in high total cost of excess
audit days.

7. Only Verisys offers on-line VeriView™ eAudits to reduce audit time and eliminate auditor travel expenses.

8. No charges for auditor travel time.  Other registrars charge an hourly rate for auditor in-transit time.