The key to our success as ISO Registrars is having our audits contribute to your success. 

The strategy of Helpful Auditing appeals to most companies.  This is evidenced by the fact that approximately 80% of our clients have switched from other ISO Registrars that feel differently about helping the client. 

The way to achieve partnerships is for us to provide our clients the best auditors available.  Our auditors are hand-picked for their helpful attitude, business and auditing experience.

Selected auditor candidates undergo intensive coaching and evaluation.  This often requires twenty audits under the direct supervision of our Vice President. 

Verisys chose not to use employee auditors so that we could choose from the world-wide base of auditors independently certified by Exemplar Global or IRCA.  This way we have no temptation to provide you an auditor that is not expert in the knowledge needed to conduct your audit.   


We challenge the way other registrars do business. 

We believe:

  • Helpful advice is not a conflict of interest.
  • Helpful auditors don’t need to threaten clients to make improvements.
  • We can provide a win-win environment without charging hidden or extra fees.
  • We can provide an in-depth, helpful audit without charging for unnecessary days.
  • Quick response to our clients is an important aspect of customer service.
  • Premium auditor pay acquires premium auditors.
  • Auditor performance should be measured by customer satisfaction, not how many non-conformances can be written.


If you believe as we do, we invite you to contact us.