Benefits of ISO

ISO Certification








External ISO Certification Benefits

  • Improved quality
  • Competitive advantage
  • Increased prestige
  • Increased sales
  • Assures customers


Internal Benefits of ISO 9001 registration.

  • Improved documentation
  • Quality awareness
  • Sense of unity within the company
  • Consistency in the way things are done
  • “best practices” are documented
  • Preservation of company knowledge
  • Ensures personnel are qualified for their  job
  • Ensures customer requirements are understood
  • The quality system is established in writing
  • Provides a method to ensure the right information is  available
  • Provides assurance your suppliers are meeting your  needs
  • Lowers costs of scrap and rework
  • Lowers costs of returns/ warranty/ lost  sales
  • Controls all areas of your company that affect customers
  • Provides methods to prevent problems from  recurring
  • Ensures your quality system will be utilized by all  employees
  • Allows managers an opportunity to review and improve the efficiency of their areas

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